Some Tory MPs in talks with Labour to block fracking plans (101 อ่าน)

12 ต.ค. 2565 16:23

Some Tory MPs in talks with Labour to block fracking plans

Some Conservative MPs are in talks with opposition parties to try to block the government's fracking plans, the BBC has been told.

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Currently, MPs are not set to get a vote on the government's pledge to lift the ban on fracking in England.

But Labour want to force a vote on the issue, while some Tory MPs have told the BBC they would like this too.

Fracking was halted in 2019, following opposition from environmentalists and local concerns over earth tremors.

However, last month the government ended the ban in England as part of its plan to limit rising energy costs.

The controversial practice involves drilling into the earth to recover oil and gas from shale rock.

A number of Conservatives told the BBC they had spoken to opposition parties about what mechanism they could use to force the government to change its plans.

A Labour source also confirmed they had spoken to some backbench Conservative MPs who are willing to work together on "opposing fracking".

Some Conservatives said they believe dozens of their colleagues have raised concerns with No 10 and the prime minister about her plans to bring back fracking where there is "local consent".

Some of them have argued publicly, and others privately, that the government has not clarified how it could prove "local consent".

Others have argued that the plans go against the 2019 Conservative manifesto commitment to maintain the ban on fracking unless the science had changed to show it can be done safely.

In the past, a ban was placed on fracking after it triggered seismic events or earthquakes that breached a threshold set by the government.

Business Secretary Jacob Rees-Mogg has said that tolerating a higher degree of risk and disturbance from fracking appears to be "in the national interest" given the desire to produce more energy domestically since Russia's invasion of Ukraine.




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