Partner of killed cyclist shares her last message (133 อ่าน)

19 ต.ค. 2565 12:41

Partner of killed cyclist shares her last message

The partner of a cyclist killed when she was hit by a van has spoken about the last message they shared.

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Jamie Hughes said off-duty Police officer Sgt Lynwen Thomas stopped on a bridge at 18.10 to send him a picture.

He told the court he later had a "gut feeling" something was wrong, when he returned home and she wasn't there.

The driver of the van, Simon Draper, denies causing death by dangerous driving but admitted causing death by careless driving.

Mr Draper, from St Clears, Carmarthenshire, is accused of using his phone while he was driving, moments before hitting Sgt Thomas.

Swansea Crown Court, heard details about the 42-year-old's use of social media apps shortly before the incident.

Digital Forensic Investigator Blathanaid Ulyett told the jury analysis of his iPhone 8 showed that shortly before the point of impact the Facebook app was launched.

The self-employed tradesman denied using his phone behind the wheel, and said his one-year-old son was using his phone, not him.

The jury saw dashcam footage taken shortly before the incident, showing the 42 year old's van moving around within his lane on the A40 near St Clears, in Carmarthenshire.

PC Carlo Vaquerizo, a Forensic Collision Investigator with Dyfed Powys Police force who attended the scene, said in his evidence that the front and rear lights on the bike were working when he found them.




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