Mother and baby in hotel due to shortage (118 อ่าน)

29 ต.ค. 2565 12:57

Mother and baby in hotel due to shortage

A mother and her newborn baby are among thousands of homeless people placed in temporary accommodation in Wales due to a lack of social housing.

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Local authorities are having to put families in hotels that have no facilities to cook or wash clothes.

Ceri, from Gwynedd, spent four months in a hotel with her baby after registering homeless, as the local council had run out of social housing.

The Welsh government said it was committed to ending homelessness.

Research by BBC Wales shows the number of people living in temporary accommodation has risen by more than 5,000 in two years.

In August 2020 there were 3,577 people in Wales living in temporary accommodation, but that figure jumped to 8,545 in August 2022, with 2,515 of them children.

Charity Shelter Cymru said families were "living in limbo", while a councillor said the situation was "beyond a crisis".

Temporary accommodation is given by local authorities as a last resort to people who have no other housing options.

Ceri, who has asked for her surname not to be used to shield her identity, was housed in a hotel without any cooking facilities or a place to wash her clothes for four months as she waited for a home.




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